Two Coolest Movies Everyone Must Watch

Two Coolest Movies Everyone Must Watch

If you are a Tamil movie lover, you must know that there are many movies you can watch to spend your time. There are many cool movies out there, such as Sardar, Writer, Diary and many more, that provide you with great entertainment.

But to watch these Tamil movies, you must find a good OTT site where you can watch the latest Tamil movies 2022 from your house anytime you want. Read the guide below to learn about two cool Tamil movies that you can watch with friends and family.

Two Cool Tamil Movies to Watch

Many Tamil movies are released yearly, all unique but also meaningful and entertaining. But if you want to watch any two Tamil m movies, you can watch the ones provided below:


This is one of the latest Tamil movies you can watch with friends and family. Sardar is a Tamil movie directed by P.S Mithran and stars Karthi, RashiKhanna, Laila, Rajisha Vijayan and many more. This is one of the best spy action movies you will enjoy, with a variety of action scenes.

The story of this Tamil movie mainly depicts the differences between a father’s and a son’s beliefs. The son is a police officer who wants his deeds to be showcased or broadcasted, but his father does not think the same and spends around thirty years in prison for the greater good of his son.


This is one of the latest Tamil movies, 2022and is a cop/thriller Tamil movie that stars Arulnithi, PavithraMarimuthu, Sha Ra, Jayaprakash and many more in leading roles. The director of this movie is InassiPandiyan, and the producer is kathiresan. This is one of the best thriller movies you can watch on your favourite OTT sites.

The movie is about a 16-year-old unsolved murder case that is mysterious. The case is offered to a newly joined cop who takes other officials’ help to reveal the case’s mystery. Soon he meets many people on a bus, and the rest of the story forms from there.

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