Challenge Index

  • Day 1
    ch_title : Get together with a few friends to pick up trash in your neighborhood.
  • Day 2
    ch_title : Make a soccer ball by hand with twine and plastic bags.
  • Day 3
    ch_title : Organize a group pick-up soccer game with your new homemade ball.
  • Day 4
    ch_title : Wash all your clothes and dishes by hand (for an extra challenge, hang your clothes on a line to dry and recycle the water to clean your house).
  • Day 5
    ch_title : Do all your physical activities today barefoot or with sandals.
  • Day 6
    ch_title : At sundown, turn off all electricity and perform all activities by candlelight.
  • Day 7
    ch_title : Walk to work or school, both ways.
  • Day 8
    ch_title : Have your whole family sleep in the smallest room in your home tonight (children sleep on the floor and everyone shares beds).
  • Day 9
    ch_title : Try to live on $2 today.
  • Day 10
    ch_title : Keep the radio playing at medium volume wherever you are for the next 24 hours.
  • Day 11
    ch_title : Cook all your meals today with only one burner (or outside over a camp stove, if you have one).
  • Day 12
    ch_title : Go an entire day without using the internet.
  • Day 13
    ch_title : Have some friends over to your house for a cup of Kenyan chai.
  • Day 14
    ch_title : Bathe today by using only one small bucket of water.
  • Day 15
    ch_title : Depend on your neighbor or friend for something (borrow sugar, eating utensils, some food, some water, a ride somewhere, etc.).
  • Day 16
    ch_title : Volunteer a few hours with a community organization.
  • Day 17
    ch_title : Boil all your water today before you drink it, regardless of where it came from.
  • Day 18
    ch_title : Eat only one meal today (for extra challenge, go without meat).
  • Day 19
    ch_title : Go the entire day without putting trash in a trash can.
  • Day 20
    ch_title : Spend time with a young person in your community. If you are a young person, find an older person to spend the day with.
  • Day 21
    ch_title : Take photographs or video of good and bad things in your community and share them with friends.
  • Day 22
    ch_title : Go watch a game of your favorite sport at a friend's house.
  • Day 23
    ch_title : Don't use your phone today; if you need to speak to someone, go find them or borrow a friend's phone to call them.
  • Day 24
    ch_title : Analyze your finances to see how much you spend on items other than food & shelter.
  • Day 25
    ch_title : Invest $26 in a local leader or organization that you believe in.
  • Day 26
    ch_title : Tell someone what the 26 Day Challenge meant to you and encourage them to take the challenge!